OLAPLEX is compatible with all direct dyes, fashion colors and pure pigments, which do not use a developer.

For intense vibrancy:

  1. Add 1/ 16oz (1.875ml) OLAPLEX No.1 to 2oz (60ml) or more of color.
    • For anything less than 2oz (60ml) of color, add 1/ 32oz (1 ml) OLAPLEX No.1.
  2. Apply and process as normal. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and condition with OLAPLEX No.5 BOND MAINTENANCE CONDITIONER.

For softening and pastelized color

Customize any fashion color by mixing in OLAPLEX No.2 into your direct dyes. For example, if working with a pure violet pigment, you may use No.2 to create a lavender tone. You will provide a mini OLAPLEX treatment to repair and improve porosity of the hair. This will help with longevity of color.


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