Our clients are extremely well educated due to social media. By far one of the best marketing tools available is Instagram. If you check out the #olaplex hashtag, there are currently over 300,000 posts from stylists around the world with real world results. This is better than any marketing tool as this is non biased!

Creating comparison swatches is another great way to show your clients the difference. By doing this, you can compare lightener with OLAPLEX versus lightener without and let them see and feel the the results. In addition, you can offer them a complimentary treatment. The results will speak for themselves! Explain that it can be added into color, lightener, and relaxers to mitigate damage during the process. OLAPLEX is also entirely compatible with both perms and keratin smoothing treatments. OLAPLEX works on all hair types.

Beyond this, the best way to talk to your clients about OLAPLEX is to use it on yourself. This changes OLAPLEX from trying to sell a service to talking about something you genuinely use and believe in.


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