The birth of OLAPLEX came from a lifelong relationship with the beauty industry. Dean Christal, CEO and creator of OLAPLEX, grew up in a family that had a deep understanding of the needs of hardworking hairdressers. His mother was a licensed hairdresser who ran a salon out of their home while his father was a beauty distributor owning 26 stores. This experience created the catalyst towards the one ingredient that is continuously changing what is possible for hair.

During a period where Dean and his wife Darcy were doing stem cell research for a family member, Dean had met Dr. Craig Hawker of the University of California in Santa Barbara. Over the course of their meeting, Dr. Hawker curiously asked Dean what the “Holy Grail” of hair would be. After a moment of consideration, he told Dr. Hawker, “We could change the world by making women more confident with amazing, damage free hair.” Fascinated, Dr. Hawker introduced Dean to Dr. Eric Pressly. Their first initial meetings were in Pressly’s garage in Santa Barbara. That’s where OLAPLEX was born… in a garage full of surfboards, lawn chairs, and lab equipment by two scientists who had never worked in the hair industry.

In July of 2014, OLAPLEX launched and it changed the hair industry forever. OLAPLEX’s bond multiplying technology presented a new category in haircare that created opportunities to tackle more daring and challenging chemical services successfully. The OLAPLEX Promise was to insure the integrity of the hair during all chemical services. It gave hairdressers the ability to repair damaged hair while being able to push the envelope on their chemical services, achieving results not attainable without OLAPLEX. Dean instinctively knew that OLAPLEX had to be put into the hands of the people who would understand what OLAPLEX was all about…Professional Hairdressers!


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