OLAPLEX is compatible with all lighteners/bleach including powder, clay, cream, and oil based. It’s important to note that the amount of OLAPLEX changes based on the amount Lightener used and application type.


Processing time of Lightener: Any issues with processing time or lift can be solved by using less OLAPLEX .

OLAPLEX is not affected by heat. However, keep in mind that heat speeds up the chemical reaction of Lighteners. Therefore, be extra watchful when using heat; Check your client’s progress every 3-5 minutes. If hair is severely compromised, refrain from using heat until the reparative system has been used to restore the health, strength and integrity of the hair.

Please note, bleach can have a heat reaction to chlorine and other mineral deposits found in water and on hair. If you are having a heat reaction, this is not caused by OLAPLEX. This is caused by the Lightener interacting with minerals. Rinse hair immediately and treat hair with a Demineralization Treatment.

For back-to-back lightening sessions

After each Lightener application with OLAPLEX, rinse or shampoo out the Lightener and follow with OLAPLEX No.2 for a minimum of 10 minutes. This step is NOT optional. OLAPLEX No.2 will continue to repair the hair. This step is necessary for best results.

When using Lightener or when working with any other chemical, Stylists must use good judgement. OLAPLEX is meant to be used as an insurance policy, however it will not make hair invincible.


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